You have two hands. One to help yourself, one to help others.

Yoga Mission Retreats will help you to do both. At destinations throughout the Caribbean and North America, we create your ideal yoga retreat, tailored to your needs  - providing healing, wellness and life purpose while empowering you to share your soul with others. Through yoga practice and mission with a local children’s organization, Yoga Mission Retreats will awaken your higher awareness and raise your social consciousness - truly feeding your mind, body and soul.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Ghandi

Yoga Mission Retreats offer a unique day of mission - a day to Give Back to the children of our host communities in the Caribbean and North America. Being immersed in the local culture benefits you spiritually and balances your energies to open you up to a life altering experience, a human connection to last a lifetime, and memories of sharing your soul, unconditionally. 

Just as we listen to our bodies and apply mindfulness on our mats and throughout the day, it is in the act of giving that the channels for receiving are also opened.

I discovered a beautiful soul with a heart as deep and wide as the ocean. Their dream to support and nurture children while organizing the ideal retreat merged with my desire to offer life changing experiences. Their joyful manner and caring ways nurtured this retreat to its fullest potential. Peace Within, Peace Throughout, a Gentle Discovery to Self Love retreat was my first international retreat offering. What a blessing it turned out to be. Along with 10 yoga classes, love fest workshops, five nightly meditations, and a life altering Give Back Day, the time spent on the South Coast of Jamaica at the Luna Sea Inn was pure bliss. Together we created a space and time for attendees to explore the gift of divine love and expand their hearts to a universal beat. Together we have a mission! Maggie Grace-Studio Owner, Yoga Room NH

Yoga and Mission for All

Yoga Mission Retreats works with yoga studios and teachers, employee wellness programs, sports organizations and individual travelers to create the ideal yoga retreat combined with a day of "giving back" to children in the local host community.  Locations include Dominica, Jamaica, Honduras, Turks and Caicos, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Antigua and many more!

Whether you desire healing, wellness, life purpose or social responsibility, our retreats will match your goal with the perfect mission. We will plan every detail of your experience -  identifying a destination, planning your retreat, creating an itinerary, and matching you with a children's mission - into a complete package, based on your needs, style and budget.

Yoga Studios


Let us plan a retreat for you and your students. We welcome yoga teachers and groups of all sizes, providing indoor, outdoor, beach and natural practice spaces. 


Corporate Wellness


At your location or throughout the Caribbean and North America, our retreats will provide wellness, community engagement and social responsibility to your employees and your company.


Sports Organizations


Provide a unique experience for off-season healing.  Whether a small group or a large team,  the combination of yoga and mission can aid in the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of your athletes. 


Individual Travelers - Mission Only


Share your time and your soul. While traveling for business, disconnect from every day life. Let us match you with a local children's organization for a half or full day "give back" mission.

Interested in Partnership? Walk the path with us!

Are you a hotel, yoga teacher, or non-profit children's organization?  Do you share our passion for yoga and mission? If you are in the Caribbean or North America, please get in touch and find out how we can walk the path together!